Dig a hole.  Extract fossil fuel. Transport to distant power plant,  Burn it to boil water.  Pressurize steam over 1,600 degrees F.  Spin a giant turbine to spin a generator.  Transmit electricity over thousands of miles of wires.  Connect to boxes on rooftops (that cool rooms below by a few degrees) and light bulbs (that run mostly during the day) and appliances (that run mostly when nobody is around).

About 25% of all the fuels used actually create “useful” energy.  The rest (75%) is wasted and dumped mostly into the air as CO2 and other carcinogens.  Some people get rich and we all get? Cancer, bloated health care costs, rising sea levels, superstorms, dying forests, dying oceans and a dying planet.

So why the heck is this happening?  Because we are addicted.

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