I give up

I have heard so many people say that climate change is a hoax and that if there is any, it is natural cycle (and we’ll all be just fine).  They must be right.  So I must be wrong about these points…

  • I’m sure the DOE has falsified the last 50-ish years of daily records and the rate at which we burn fossil fuels in the U.S. (19.4 million barrels of oil/day, 74.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 2.5 million tons of coal every single day), strip down forests and mountains and plant houses, cow pastures and industrial factories have had no impact on the environment or air or greenhouse gases.
  • I’m sure the accelerating rate of extinction of animal species, coral and ocean acidification and rising seas are not indicators of the nearing epic failure of man.
  • I’m sure the “plastic patch the size of Texas is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
  • I’m sure Black Lung Disease and Acid Rain are a hoax.
  • I’m sure that muzzling qualified actual scientists trying to sound alarm bells and dis-incentivizing inventors trying to create alternatives is the smart solution.
  • I’m sure it’s all fiction put together to make Al Gore rich and trick the Catholic Pope into writing a very lengthy and heavily researched encyclical with dozens of biblical references.
  • I’m sure the Koch brothers and Rex Tillerson are not worth billions and completely altruistic in their funding dozens of politicians and regulators. I’m sure they have no vested interest in fossil fuel sales.
  • I’m sure Exxon Valdez, BP’s Deepwater Horizon, Texaco’s Deepwater Horizon, Sempra’s Aliso Canyon well and PG&E’s San Bruno explosion have had no impact either.
  • I’m sure we would have protected Kuwait and other desert countries even if they had no oil reserves, just like we invade Chad, Darfur and other African countries.
    Yep, I agree. Drill baby Drill.

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