Are we doomed or making progress?

A short frustrated vent.

I often wonder, “Is it better to be a little draconian now or suffer the dire consequences later?  Climate Change is a serious catastrophe unfolding daily and it feels like all of humanity is stuck in neutral status quo. What to do?

  1. revolt and set serious environmental policies now to stave off the pending catastrophic event or
  2. simply give up and “party on”
  3. or deny this is happening and hope for the best.

My fear is humans don’t like change and as a group we’re pretty intellectually challenged, naive and selfish.  Look at the millions of tobacco smokers who just keep puffing away, even when they know better.

Now look at most governments around the globe.  They all seem to be most interested in being re-elected to get their personal or corrupt agendas across.  What say you?  Please share some good news.  We need it!

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