This Is What Three Years of Trump Ravaging the Earth Looks Like

Donald Trump has been the worst president for environmental protection in American history. 

Of course, with all that’s happening in this administration, it’s hard to keep track of everything, especially because, since the departure of the corrupt, headline-grabbing, and often outright ridiculous EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, most of the changes have happened away from the spotlight. 

Pruitt’s successor, Andrew Wheeler (a former lobbyist for the fossil-fuel industry) is boring, careful, methodical, and extreme—the perfect man to roll back 20 or more years of environmental protection.

Here, then, is our take on the most significant anti-environmental moves this radically anti-environmental administration has made. Read More at The Daily Beast >

  • Making Climate Change Worse Again
  • Dirty Air, Dirty Water
  • Drill, Baby Drill
  • The War on Science

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